Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Past Few Months

Long time, no post. I have been crazy busy at work and have forgotten all about this little blog. Does anyone even check this thing anymore? Here are a few updates from the past few months.
Michael's mom Nancy spent most of December with us. Michael couldn't drive after his surgery so she woke up early, took him to work, and grabbed him things around the house while I was at work. We were so grateful that she was able to come help out. We spent Christmas with our friends John and Sarah at a cozy little cabin by White Pass ski resort. I skied and Michael sat patiently at the lodge.

Michael's leg is healing really well and the Doctor says that he is ahead of the curve. He is hoping to be back to 100% by June when we are planning to climb Rainier with one of my co-workers.

We travelled down to Mexico in February and had a great time basking in the 80 degree weather. We also had a one night layover in SLC so we got to see our brand new nephew Max and man is he cute! My sister from Baltimore was in town too so my sisters came and picked me up and we stayed up all night talking. Michael traded training for a week at the resort we stayed at for the first week. It was fantastic but we aren't used to traveling that way so after a few days at our resort mecca, we had to get out and explore the smaller villages and hang out with the locals. One day we rented a car and drove 500K and hit a bunch of awesome ruins. We spent the last few days on Isla Mujeres in a little hostel. It happened to be Carnival so all of the locals put on a huge parade, performed Reaggaeton music in the street, and had a huge food and dance festival in the town square that night. It was pretty awesome. Here are a few pics the trip.

We returned to snow and rain, and more rain. I can't wait for spring. I have big plans for a garden this year.


Lynette said...

I check this thing! Thanks for the update. Daniel is jealous that you're going to climb Ranier. You guys are amazing!

chrissy said...

I peek in occasionally... I'm glad to hear that his leg is healing well. ttyl krispy!

Stapletons said...

Looks like some fun trips! Glad to see that Mike is healing up!