Tuesday, November 18, 2008


In the Greek Myth he is the most handsome, quickest, strongest man in the land and was invulnerable in his body everywhere except his heel. There are lots of similarities to Achilles and my man. A few weeks ago during one of the final in a series of Volleyball games, Michael experienced a complete rupture of his Achilles tendon. He had surgery today and is recovering well. It is going to be a long road until he is back to 100% though. We are slightly depressed about the lack of skiing this Winter as well.


Stapes said...

That sucks! Having spent a good amount of time laid up post-surgery for my ankle, I feel for ya!

The Stewarts said...

Is this what it looked like before surgery? Ouch!

Lisa Marie Trent said...

KRISTA! I perfect for you to fall upon my blog when you were so mistakingly made out to be such a slacker! I know you helped dude. I'm just referring to the great part when lyndsey and I were shoveling and she THREW the shovel down, got in the car, SLAMMED the door, and said I'M SAYING A PRAYER!
Indeed good times.
Stay in touch dude, it's good to have your blog address!