Saturday, January 12, 2008

We are Fans

I have always loved election time. In fact, if I didn't love my job I would persue a job as a political correspondent. I have never been so moved by a candidate as I am by Barak Obama. I definitely feel like he is exactly what our country needs and now I am on board as a full fledged supporter. Read his website if you haven't had a chance and watch the upcoming Democratic debates to see for yourself what a great leader he is.

The deposit is down and airfare has been purchased...

One of my dream trips is going to happen this September. My stocking this year was filled with guide books, down tent booties, a currency converter/alarm clock, maps, and a card that said a deposit was down on a trip I have been dreaming about for years. I was so excited I couldn't handle it! We are going to climb Kilimanjaro and take a safari through the Serengeti. Our plane tickets are in place and actually consist of one day in NYC, then on to Tanzania for a little over two weeks, and then three days in Amsterdam on the way back. We figured we had a layover there and it is on my list of places to see so we might as well use this chance to see what it is all about. How is that for jet setting? Let the training begin! The "Roof of Africa" is nearly 20,000 feet but nothing is going to stop us from making that summit.