Friday, May 30, 2008

Burn Fat Not Oil

Somehow I was convinced by co-workers to join a bike to work team for the month of May. Mind you, I work about 22 miles each way from my house and have only actually biked to work once. Since I work from home on Fridays and Memorial Day is in May there weren't actually that many commute days in the month and I was nervous about letting my team down. The goal is to do 10 one way trips or 5 round trips in the month. On this last day of May I am proud to report that I completed 11 trips totalling almost 200 miles! The first trip was not easy, especially on the booty, but it really does get easier and I am now a huge fan of cycling. I'd like to urge anyone who can to dust that bike off (or pick one up at your local REI), leave the car at home and run some errands on your bike. Burn extra calories, save money, and get some fresh air.

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i i eee said...

So in other words, you totally kick ass!