Saturday, February 9, 2008

One Amazing Day

Yesterday Michael and I headed downtown to the Obama rally. We were so excited to see him speak live. Michael was working on Queen Anne Ave and beat me to the arena. I rode the bus in from West Seattle, stopped by to pick up my friend Ava, and our way over Michael called and said that the arena which holds 18,000 people was filled to capacity. I was so sad but we made our way over to stand with the crowd of about 5,000 people who were standing outside to listen to the speech from the exterior speakers of Key Arena. I kept hoping that Barak would come outside to greet all of us who didn't make it in (despite being there two hours before the doors opened) but no one thought there was a chance of that happening. Right before the speech was scheduled to start we noticed some movement at the top of a small staircase immediately to our left. We noticed some secret service looking people start to gather around, one of which held a megaphone, and then sure enough, Barak Obama came around the corner. We were about six people back from where he stood. So close that you feel like you actually made eye contact. It made the speech seem so much more personal and real. It was incredible! We could not have picked a better place to stand. It was so moving to be in a crowd that was so diverse, had so much energy, and that was united in the cause to change America for the better. Today at 1:00 we will caucus and make our voices heard that we want change.
Here are a few photos we snapped at the event

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