Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Camping in Leavenworth

We set off for Leavenworth, the somewhat cheesy Bavarian town about two hours East of Seattle, for one last chance at fairweather camping. The weather called for clear skies and we figured that we better get one more camping trip in before the winter (aka permanent rains) start. To our surprise, the area near the river where we were planning to stay was closed. We didn't let that stand in our way and we hiked past the gate and set up our own awesome little space. Taiya was absolutely loving it. She ran in circles from the river to the tent and all around. We decided that we will make it a tradition to go car camping the weekend after the campgrounds close every year.

Mikey got a harmonica for his birthday. Sometimes when he plays Taiya howls like she is singing along. It is pretty awesome.

I just like Mikey's face in this one

I just like Taiya's face in this one.

One of the best perks of my job is I can borrow and test out any gear I want. This tent was awesome! It is the Big Agnes Big House 4. I also tested out the Thermarest Dreamtime sleeping pad and the Marmot Couloir. I would definitely recommend all of these. Mikey could stand in the tent, Taiya had plenty of room to stretch out and I stayed warm even with temperature dipping to the 30s.

Of course, you can find all of these products at http://www.rei.com/

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i i e ee said...

Taiya looks like she's found an unpleasant smell. Haha.

I didn't even think about all the equipment you get to try out -coolio times 99!